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229. Man Bites Dog

August 17, 2010

After much, much deliberation I decided to have Trailer Tuesday rather than Trailer Park Eatery Week because I just couldn’t find a week that I could dedicated solely to trailer food because I felt as if there was always some other event that was worthy of mention.

So, that brings me to my first Trailer Tuesday, Man Bites Dog. Am the only on that thinks this should be the name of a show on the Food Network?. I thought I would start simple before I get into all the fancy options we have around town. Who does not love a ballpark hot dog? Those are always hard to beat.

I always take the “safe” route so I can say that the Old School Dog is everything and more than you would expect from a hot dog. I had heard and gotten suggestions that the “My Big Fat Greek Dog” is the must try. Yes, it is…my sister took the dive and gave it a taste and it was something else. A heavenly combination of meat, sauce and bun, so for those that need to spice up things there you go. Hot dog does not even do justice to what the deliciousness of what this “dog” is. I guess every place has their signature item and this is it!

Look at this way, if out of all the trailers in Austin I choose to start with a hot dog place, they must make a mean dog. Well done, well done indeed.

Back to the reason for trailer park week, I feel like there are countless trailers popping up in Austin. They are so hard to keep track of. There is something magical and fun about eating a meal outside trailer, those that have done it I am sure you understand. It is a relaxed, easy going adventure that I recommend, we are so lucky to have so many fantastic options in our own backyard. Hopefully as the weather cools off you will get out and try some of these places.

Let me say that I have gotten tons of fantastic recommendations that I am still in the process of testing out so fear not we have plenty of great Austin Trailers in our near future. Feel free to leave any suggestions, here is a hint; Odd Duck – is on my list.

Don’t miss the half off voucher for Man Bites Dog today,

Trailer Park Eatery
1311 S. 1st Street
Austin, Texas 78704

Photo: Mike Sutter,

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