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194. Eastside Cafe

July 13, 2010

I have been “saving” Eastside Café until I figured out how to put into words just all things that there is to love about it so here goes my best shot. This too was introduced to me by one of my foodie friends and when I tested it out last month for the first time, I was back within four days for more, that how hooked it I am.

This food is by far some of the freshest I have put in my mouth. I guess that would make sense because they grow some of their vegetables fresh in the garden right behind the restaurant. Speaking of the garden in the back, the entire grounds of the place is beyond charming as the actual restaurant is inside an old house. I imagine it is the site for a lot of date nights.

Now back to their menu, they have these cold fruit soups that are special they offer during the summer. I was skeptical of the idea but my friend made me try it for my own good and so great. I would definitely recommend them but remember they are a summer only thing, so hurry up before we find ourselves knocking on falls door and you have to wait until next year. Both times I went I had the baked brie with apple chutney appetizer, again delicious. I can go on and on about each thing I tired but the end result is that it was all mouthwatering good.

The service there is grade A, no question about it. Eastside Café is one of those places that you just have to go there to appreciate. Appreciate it you will, I have no doubt. This is a great spot to take out of town guests, parents, or a date. I should also mention that they have a gluten free choices on the menu!

In closing, this is one of those list items that I am going to venture to say, you must go here before you can truly call yourself an Austinite.

2113 Manor Road
Austin, Texas 78722

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