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193. Jack Allen’s Kitchen

July 12, 2010

Leave it to my foodie friend Christine to drag me to a new place on a Friday night that I fall in love with, she has great taste, I would expect nothing less from her.

So Friday I find myself at Jack Allen’s Kitchen, I have NEVER heard of them but woah, I am blown away by the goodness and will soon return as I am already craving the guacamole.  I am going to go ahead and say best guacamole in the city and I love guacamole, I try it everywhere.

I love the entire vibe; the building is fun, big, trendy yet casual. (I tried to find a good picture of the outside but couldn’t find a great one!) The word is that Z’ Tejas chef decided to venture out and add Jack Allen’s to his resume. Coming from Z’ Tejas those are big shoes to live up too and live up too them he did.

Back to my experience on Friday, on top of being the best guacamole I than had the best chicken fried steak ever, when I say that, I mean mouth watering good. I am not great when it comes to describing food so I can’t go into the flavors but I honestly I always hear about great chicken fried steak and it rarely lives up to my expectations.

Great service, free valet parking Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, it passes the “service” and “parking” issues that I always evaluate when I try a new place.

I am dying to go back for Sunday Brunch, they have it from 10:30-2:00 every Sunday. That is on my agenda in the very near future.

7720 W. Highway 71
Austin, TX 78735

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