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144. Summermoon Coffee Bar

May 24, 2010

Nothing spoke to me this morning. In fact, Mondays are almost always hard. I am one of those people that is never ready for Monday; especially this morning. I am under the weather and my throat has that scratchy feeling that we all hate, so really the only thing that is motivating me to get out of bed is a cup of iced coffee.

My roommate suggested I try it out and since I always see people tweeting about it, and I drive by it on my way to work each morning, I finally gave it a try and it has now become one of the many places I like to run into to get a morning pick me up.

Apparently this is “Austin’s only wood fired coffee.” I am not a coffee expert by any means so I cannot go into detail about the process but it ages back to the lost legacy of artisans past. Summermoon is 100% organic & 100% family owned and operated.

A few Kristy recommendations: with it being summer and all I would go with a cold drink; actually, in most winter months I go cold drink too. For those that don’t count calories – I like the Espresso Milkshake, but the Wintermoon is just as satisfying. The pastries are always great. I mean, those are hard to mess up in my eyes but here is something I am very picky about: empanadas. My friend, Megan, makes a heck of an empanada; they are actually mouth watering. This is the only bakery that I have ever had that competes with hers.

If all else fails, go for the Summermoon Latte, that is what they are known for and what people scream from rooftops about. So, enjoy, and Happy Monday.

3115 South 1st Street
Ste. 1B
Austin, Texas 78704

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