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126. Home Slice Pizza

May 6, 2010

Today was one of those mornings where I woke up and had no idea what the day was going to hold, mostly I plan ahead but with Cinco de Mayo and all it just didn’t happen. So here I am blogging one of the 5 top things that came to mind when I just thought to myself, “if I ever had to leave Austin, what would I miss most..” (Let’s home life never takes me away from here because Austin is one of the greatest places on Earth).

Back to why I am here..Home Slice Pizza is without a doubt some of the best pizza I have ever had in my entire 24 years of existence. Furthermore, today worked out to be a great day to blog on them with it being First Thursday (list item #35 ) and all on South Congress.

I was introduced to it last summer and I do not know how I did not find it sooner. After my introduction to their goodness I ate there for lunch FOUR days in a row and then had it for dinner that Sunday and trust me I don’t have an obsessive personality – if I was on yelp right now I’d give them a bonus star for consistency.  They serve up New York Style Pizza that you can buy by the slice or the whole pizza. It is homemade and hand tossed and something about their pizza has me hooked.

There is no doubt you go there for the pizza but beer drinkers out there they have local favorites, Like Oak, Lone Star, Fireman’s on draft.

For the record, I get the margarita pizza, the only thing missing is a margarita with my margarita pizza.

In closing, you can clearly see that I am a regular so a heads up there is always a wait but it is well worth it and like most things that hot spots in town parking is never easy. Please though do not be discouraged because aren’t most good things worth the wait. I could easily ramble on about all the reasons to give a shot but my day job calls so happy dining Austin, how did we get so lucky?

1415 South Congress Ave
Austin, Texas 78704

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