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120. Play Disc Golf

April 30, 2010

With it marking the “World’s Biggest Disc Golf Weekend” I felt that it was time to pay tribute to a favorite Austin pastime, Disc Golf (for some reason I want to refer to is as Frisbee Golf, but I am pretty sure the correct name is Disc Golf).

Austin is a community that loves to be outside always tackling a new adventure or activity it goes without saying that we would be all over this sport. I am no expert at this game for some reason my aim and accuracy when it comes to throwing the discs just as never been too great.

For those that do not know the concept – players throw Frisbees into baskets, each basket is called a “hole.” Just as in real golf, the goal is to get the hole with the fewest amount of throws.

This city is jam-packed with courses, one of the most popular is probably Zilker Park – they do seem to encompass all of Austin’s favorite outdoor activities. You do not have to be a God Given Athlete to have fun – its sport that anyone be pretty alright at.

Looking to meet other disc golf lovers – join the Waterloo Disc Golf Club or Lone Star Disc Golf Alliance.

Here is a great map to help you figure the most convenient place to play, This is also a great map,

All you experts out there where do you think the best course in town is? I’ve heard that there are a few good course off Slaughter Lane as well as Pease Park.

**Random Thought: I was at Trivia Night on Tuesday and one of the questions was “What Does GOLF Stand for?” Answer: Gentleman Only, Ladies Forbidden. Does anyone know if there is any truth to that?

Happy Weekend Austin, it is going to be a great weekend to call yourself an Austinite – well, it always is a great weekend for that.


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