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119. Volente Beach

April 29, 2010

As I blog day in and day out I really try to be conscious of what I am blogging about and try to appeal to all audiences so today I am going the family friendly route – yes you 25 year olds and plus may not have the same enjoyment as a bright eyed elementary kid but all and all its fun. I have been there on more than one occasion and have never been let down.

As a nanny/former nanny I am more than familiar with this little piece of Austin Family Fun. It is the go to spot to get kids and adults alike a change of pace and have some fun. Oh, the many of summer days I have spent here.

I blogged today because it is opening weekend at Volente Beach, just another sign that its officially lake season. Before everyone is so fast to criticize let me say, yes this is no Schlitterbahn but you should know that coming into it, it is a fun family friendly way to experience Lake Travis and to have a change of scenery. They have several water slides (as any waterpark needs) plenty of shaded areas, good food – a great way to experience Lake Travis. This place especially appeals to families that do not have boats or access to the lake on an everyday basis, if you ask me it is great fun. 

The plus side to it being a smaller water park is that the lines are shorter and the times I have been I have never felt overcrowded.  If you really want to go when there are no lines go on a rainy day, those are the best.

I am forewarning you that the address you get when you google “Volente Beach” is the mailing address, not where it is actually located so refer to their website for directions!

For the small family owned water park they are I could not be more impressed, I mean at the end of the day who doesn’t like a day on the lake?

*For a reference point for all you parents out there I will say that the girl I babysit has been between the ages of 2nd grade and now middle school and both her and her friends continue to have a great time on our numerous visits over the summer.

In blog news, those of you who do not have young-ins that will enjoy Volente Beach, stay tuned I have some adult fun up my sleeve for the near future! Tomorrow in fact is some free fun, any guesses?

Happy Almost Weekend, make it through today and Friday is a breeze.

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