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96. Dog Almighty

April 6, 2010

Time to give Austin Chronicle’s 2009 “Best Hot Dog” a try – you will not be disappointed  in these made to order hot dogs and you Vegetarians out there EVERYTHING on the menu can be made veggie. They are in fact known for their Vegetarian Friendly Chili Dogs, their chili won 2nd place in the 16th Annual Texas Vegetarian Chili Cook Off.


It does not matter if you want a real meat hot dog or the veggie or vegan option – it makes the grade. Whatever toppings your heart so desires can be added to make your dog all the more  fresh and flavorful. Surprisingly after scarfing down the deliciousness of the chili dog I had no problem getting their crispy tator tots to slide right down as well.

Major Bonus Points – they serve Arnold Pamler’s (ice tea / lemonade) those are hard to come by so major props. While on the subject of drinks, all beer on tap is local. A local place serving local beer , sounds good to me.

I feel like this is the type of place that you always forget about, I’m here to tell don’t – you will be missing out. Dog Almighty just speaks South Austin go once and you’ll find you will keep coming back for more.  What more can you say about a local Austin joint that serves up a great hot dog and cold beer.

Do not mistake – they do serve up more than just a good hot dog. You can get a frito pie (always a crowd favorite) and if you are in a burger mood, they can do that just right as well. They also serve up pretty tasty Vegan Desserts.

If all this is not reason enough to get you in the door to give these dogs a try, today they are offering blog followers a $10.00 for $5.00 discount, for more information visit:!

3005 South Lamar
Austin, Texas 78704

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  1. April 22, 2010 11:51 am

    I stumbled onto this blog and now I’m starving. It looks like I’m going to Dog Almighty for lunch! I can’t let anyone know, though, or else I’m the one buying for everyone 😉

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