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89. Big Stacy Pool

March 30, 2010

Thank you for bearing with me and letting me get the BMX biking out of my system! I thought today I would blog on a FREE little South Austin gem, Big Stacy Neighborhood Pool.

Big Stacy Pool is spring feed and is warm and open all year round! Great place to do laps as it normally is not too crowded and the pool is generally well kept and clean.

This pool draws swimmers and sun bathers from all over – it is a pool full of Austin Character (nice, friendly, diverse) and we all love that.

Big Stacy regulars warn that it is normally most crowed in the mornings (they open at 6 am) – that is when the hardcore swimmers get out. Also come summer, June 7th – July 16th they have Swim Team 8am- 10am.

For those South Austin lovers or anyone looking to avoid crowds at some other local pool hot spots this is a great and free alternative.

Word to the wise – do not get Big Stacy Pool confused with the Little Stacy wading pool! Now that I have officially blogged on a swimming/water thing that means summer and many more warm day activities are to come!

800 E Live Oak
Austin, Texas 78704

Check out the full pool schedule here:

Photo by: Laura Skelding/AMERICAN-STATESMAN

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  1. Travis permalink
    May 1, 2010 11:03 am

    You mislead, my friend, by saying the pool is spring-fed. Yes, it is technically fed by a hot spring, but the city adds chlorine! You should have probably mentioned this info in your post. I would be pretty disappointed myself if I were to go to a “spring-fed pool”, assuming it doesn’t have chlorine as that’s what the term usually implies, just to find out that it does. Some people are allergic to the chemical. I myself just don’t like the smell and how it stays on my skin and hair. Not insulting Big Stacy, it’s a fine pool, I just prefer to avoid chlorine. Barton Springs and Deep Eddy, on the other hand, are your standard definitions of spring-fed pools.

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